MG Restoration

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Restoration at Mike Rolls Services for MGs

MGBGT Outline

We have carried out many restorations over the years and we will be updating the website with a few of the projects that we have undertaken.

We are getting on with the restoration of a customers GT

One of the MGA's we are restoring has now come out of the spray oven and has been placed on the prepared chassis.

MGB GT Body Restoration MGA Painting

MGB Roadster 1969

We are restoring a customers 1969 MGB Roadster and here you can see some of the progress/stages.

MGB Body Rear MGB Engine Bay MGB Front Wing MGB Transmission tunnel MGB Nearside Sill MGB A Pillar MGB Rear wing MGB Nearside MGB Offside sill MGB Floor MGB Rear MGB Underside MGB Painted Floor MGB Shell painted MGB Shell painted MGB Shell painted

The underside of the car is coming on well and looking good.

MGB Boot MGB Cockpit

This is getting closer to looking like a finished car, engine in, interior going in.

MG Magnette

We are in the process of re-spraying an MG Magnette for a customer, it is being finished in Kashmir and Autumn Red, and progress is going well.

Magnette General Body Shell Magnetter Body Rear Magnette in Primer Magnette Front Primer The Autumn red is now going on which looks lovely and rich against the Kashmir. Magnette rear painted Magnette front painted

MGB Roaster - 1963 - Iris Blue - pull door handle model

We are now getting on with restoring a 1963 Iris Blue pull door handle Roadster, we will be posting pictures as we progress.

This this car has now sold.

MGB General Body Shell MGB Offside

We are moving on well with this Roadster with new wings etc fitted, it's great to see it coming back together.

MGB General Body Shell MGB Engine Bay

We have now done a large amount of work on the nearside of the Roadster so getting close to respray time.

MGB Nearside Door MGB Boot area

The car has now had all the body work done and is ready to go in our spray oven for painting

MGB underside MGB painted underside MGB inside bodyshell MGB paint compounded

We now have paint on the underside and inside of the bodyshell and the paintwork having been compounded etc has come up very well.

MGB engine MGB outside shot

Progress has gone really well on the Iris Blue Roadster and is coming together well.

MGB GT - 1972

We now have in from Switzerland a 1972 MGB GT for a complete restoration.

The owner had the car shipped over and then paid us a visit shortly afterwards to discuss the work he would like carried out.

He wants the car back to its original condition and as you can see we have started to strip it down ready for the work to be carried out.

You can watch the progress here.

MGBGT General Body Shell MGBGT Engine Bay MGBGT Inside MGBGT Rear Tailgate MGBGT Nearside Wing MGBGT Inside Wing MGBGT Floor Section MGBGT Front Sill Work MGBGT Replacement Sill MGBGT Engine Bay Before MGBGT Engine Bay After MGBGT Rear Nearside painted MGBGT Front painted MGBGT Rear painted

The GT is progressing well, its out of the spray oven and back in the workshops, we now have the screens in and headlining about to be fitted.

MGBGT finished general MGBGT finished engine bay

The GT we have been restoring for a gentleman in Switzerland is now complete and ready to return home and we are looking forward to him seeing the car again.

MG ZA Magnette - 1954

We have now started to restore a 1954 MG ZA, it needs a full restoration but will be a great project for 2015, we will update the progress with pictures etc as, and when, we can.

MG Magnette Body Shell Magnette shell 2

Here you can see the progress on the righthand side of the car doing the sill and floor sections.

MG Magnette sill Magnette floor

You can now see that the inner floors and sill sections are in place, also the outer sill has now been welded in place and aligned with the doors, progress is going very well.

MG Magnette pedal box Magnette floor MG Magnette pedal box Magnette floor MG Magnette front arch Magnette floor MG Magnette Wheel Arch MG Rear Wheel Arch

Here shows repairs to the righthand wing.

Here you can see that the lower rear wing has been repaired with a new section.

MG Magnette rear wing Magnette boot area MG Magnette boot floor MG Magnette boot repair

We have now cut off the rear valance and cut out the old boot floor then welded in the new boot floor panel.

MG Magnette rear valance Magnette rear apron side MG Magnette front stripped MG Magnette nearside stripped

You can now see that we have fitted the rear apron which completes that side and have turned it around, we have also stripped the front and the nearside ready for more work.

MG Magnette rear sill Magnette rear sill left

You can see in this picture that repairs have now been made to the rear sill/spring mounting. This shows the inner sill member now in place on the lefthand side.

MG Magnette front stripped MG Magnette nearside stripped MG Magnette front stripped MG Magnette nearside stripped

We have now managed some more work on the Magnette and as you can see we have replaced the left-hand floor, made repairs to the bottom of the B post and C Post, repaired the inner wheel arch and finally replaced the left-hand boot floor tonneau.

MG Magnette floor area MG Magnette repaired floor

The underside is now all welded with new floorpans and reinforcers and you can see that it has all now been treated with red oxide primer.

MG Magnette engine bay stripped MG Magnette engine bay primer

Here shows the engine bay which has been stripped of the old paint and in the second picture you can see it has then been sprayed in primer.

MG Magnette body pre primer MG Magnette body primed

The bodyshell is now ready for primer.

MG Magnette engine bay stripped MG Magnette engine bay primer

We have now got the shell painted in Damask Red as it was originally, and it looks really nice with the fresh paintwork.

MG Magnette fuel tank MG Magnette Spax shock absorbers

We have checked the fuel tank, re-painted it and fitted it back on the car. Here shows the rear axle which has been powder coated and fitted back in place with re-bushed springs and adjustable Spax shock absorbers.

MG Magnette knock on alloys MG Magnette front suspension

The car is now down on its wheels at the back using knock on alloys. The Front suspension is also now coming together, all parts have been blasted and powder coated and we have used new bushes, Spax shocks and also a replica Derrington anti-roll-bar.

MG Magnette front discs MG Magnette engine bay

Disc brakes are now fitted using MGA hubs, grooved and dotted discs,MGB Calipers mounted on special alloy mounting plates and green stuff pads

he engine bay is coming together with a new loom which has been modified to suit the alternator and indicators instead of using the semiphores.

MG Magnette front wings MG Magnette front wings

The wings have now prepared and have been fitted for alignment before removing again ready for painting.

We have now painted the boot and wings so these can now be fitted.

MG Magnette front wings MG Magnette engine going in painted

The wings have now been fitted and the engine is starting to go in.

MG Door in primer MG Door in primer

We have at last managed to do a little more on the Magnette, as you can see from the photos we have painted the doors, it shows them in primer and then in top coat.

MG Door in primer MG Door in primer MG Door in primer MG Door in primer

Watch this space for further progress!